What We Do

The organization’s mission is to identify unique and innovative ways to improve life for those in Upstate New York. We work with the community and municipalities to bring about positive, sustainable change to our region. Elevate Upstate is currently involved in the following projects:

Rochester Little Pantry Project


Elevate Upstate Inc. seeks to build and install 3-5 little free pantries in the City of
Rochester as part of a pilot program with the hopes of installing 20+ more by the end
of 2020. A Little Free Pantry is a small cabinet with shelving that is cemented into the
ground and is stocked full of “neighborhood essentials”, such as non-perishable food
items, toiletries, drinks, books, and brochures/information for community services. More information on what is stocked in little free pantries can be found here.
Everything in the pantry is available to the general public. The concept for Little Free
Pantry (littlefreepantry.org) is based on Little Free Library’s (littlefreelibrary.org/)
concept of book-sharing boxes.


Food insecurity is the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Food insecurity in Monroe County is at roughly 13% of the population with 67% of the population living below 200% of poverty level; the level where SNAP and other key food programs kick in. With the average meal costing $3.05, every snack or meal that can be consumed without needing to pay, means someone can put a little more money in their pocket.

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